Keto diet for beginners – what to eat and what to avoid

The ketogenic or keto diet is a special eating plan, it is based on the consumption of minimum amount of carbohydrates and high fat intake. The main advantage is fast and efficient in getting rid of excess weight. The impact keto diet on the shape and health of a person, say more than 50 scientific studies. The ketogenic diet is assigned to doctors more often. Read more about keto diet for beginners read below.

Keto diet for beginners

1. What is keto diet and its effect on the body

What does the prefix "keto"? The prefix "keto" points to the fact that the body in a certain way of eating begins to produce special molecules – "ketones", which is an alternative source of energy while the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood is lowered.

Ketone bodies are produced in lesser consumption of carbohydrates (which quickly transformirovalsya into glucose) and proteins (the excess turns into sugar).

The liver produces ketones from fats. These substances serve as a source of energy for the entire body and brain.

In fact, the human brain is a "hungry" organ, which is consumed during the day a lot of energy. He is not able to directly assimilate fats and works on glucose, or ketones.

During the ketogenic diet the body is forced to draw energy from fats by burning them non-stop. When reduced insulin levels, and significantly accelerates burning of fat, consumed the pending inventory. This is the best option to safely lose weight. Apart from effective weight loss there are other pluses. The most important absence of hunger, the preservation of a good response, muscle tone and concentration.

When the body begins to produce ketone bodies, it enters a special state – of ketosis. The fastest way to reach this state – fasting, but fasting always possible.

Keto diet causes the body in a state of ketosis with no limitations in volume of food. It has the same benefits as fasting, but fasting is not required.

Disclaimer: the Ketogenic diet has proven health benefits, but there is an opposite point of view. The main potential danger is the intake of various drugs, e.g. drugs for diabetes, the dosage should be adjusted in compliance with keto diet. Discuss changes in medication and lifestyle with your doctor.
This manual has been compiled for adults with health problems such as obesity, excess weight and skin problems, for those who will benefit from the ketogenic diet.

2. How to start keto diet and what to include in the menu

Below are foods that are allowed during the ketogenic diet. The figure reflects the number of net digestible carbohydrates per 100 g of product. To maintain the state of ketosis you should stick to the lowest rates.

How to start keto diet and what to include in the menu

Avoid the consumption of carbohydrates in large quantities. You should limit their consumption (in pure form) up to 50 g per day, and ideally – up to 20 g. the less they in the diet, the faster is reached the state of ketosis, avoiding the development of diabetes (second type).

Adhering to this menu and recipes, you can easily achieve ketosis without laborious calculations.

What to eliminate from the diet

Eliminate foods that contain a lot of sugar and starch (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.), in the process of assimilation by the body are converted into carbohydrates.

The numbers in the picture indicate their amount per 100 g of product (unless a different proportion).

Avoid foods that have undergone processing (thermal, etc.), in addition to dishes from the list of allowed on the keto diet.

Foods allowed on a keto diet should be rich in fats and contain a little protein. Excess protein in the body is easily converted into blood sugar (glucose). Try to avoid habitual diet or low-fat products. The sources of energy for the body must adhere to the following proportions: 5% from carbs (the less the better), 15 – 20% from proteins, and the remaining 75% from fats (lipids).

What to drink?

What to drink on keto diet

What to drink during keto diet? Water is the best option, but tea or coffee is not prohibited. It is only necessary to abandon sweeteners (especially sugar). In tea or coffee, you can add cream or milk (but be careful with the lattes!). Periodically, you can drink and a glass of wine.

How to limit carbs on a keto diet?

In principle, the less they consume, the faster and more efficient to leave excess weight, lost the feeling of hunger disappear and symptoms of diabetes of the 2nd type. Keto diet suggests a hard limit in the diet. The perfect indicator is not more than 20 g of net carbohydrates per day. If you are happy with your body and your health, may slightly increase the daily rate of consumption (if you want it).

We recommend that at the beginning of the keto diet to adhere to and not violate basic rules.