Kefir diet - simple, affordable and effective in losing weight

The article provides a detailed description of the kefir diet for weight loss. The advantages and disadvantages of this diet are considered, the rules of use and contraindications are described in detail. After familiarizing yourself with the many options available for such a diet, depending on your purpose, you can choose the ideal one for your body.

You will learn how to properly prepare for the diet and how to exit it competently in order to preserve the result for a long time and not harm your own health.

What is the kefir diet

The kefir diet is a food system for a period of time when kefir is a necessary food. . . Kefir is not only low in calories - it helps cleanse the body and remove toxins and excess fluids, that is, affects health.

Frequent foods — kefir or kefir with something else — albeit in small portions, are easier to withstand the limitations than starving completely or consuming a meager diet over other weight-loss diets.

Rules: to do and not to do

To achieve an impressive result, you need to follow certain rules carefully:

  • choose kefir with a release date of 2-3 days, maximum 7;
  • do not add sugar, honey and other sweets to the kefir;
  • be sure to drink water, preferably at least one and a half liters a day;
  • do not drink water for half an hour before and after a meal (including kefir, which is equivalent to eating);
  • do not consume coffee (unlike the Japanese diet), salt, sugar, black tea during the diet;
  • consume at least 1 teaspoon of pharmacy fiber or bran per day to saturate the body with the necessary substances;
  • take vitamins and minerals to avoid weakness and dizziness;
  • food should be at least 6;
  • do at least a few necessary exercises when giving up heavy exercise;
  • at the end of the diet to maintain the result, do kefir fasting days every week.

Dietary options

There are about a hundred kefir diet options, as they say - for every taste. The most popular are the following.


The diet got its name because of the alternating "light" days, when only kefir is allowed - one and a half liters (1%), and the "dark" days, when some other products can be consumed. These include: boiled or fried meat or fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products.

It is allowed to eat so many such products that do not exceed 1500 kcal per day.The recommended duration of such a diet is 7 to 21 days.. . . This saving opportunity is tolerated incomparably more easily than others, more stringent, but the result will be slightly lower.


Buckwheat-kefir diet is used very often. You need a minimum of 3 days, a maximum of 2 weeks to get results. The diet is the same every day. In the evening, pour 150 g of buckwheat in boiling water in a ratio of 1: 2 and leave under the lid overnight. You cannot cook cereals, this will reduce the amount of fiber.

Steamed buckwheat

During the day, at 6 receptions, you should eat all the buckwheat and drink 1 liter of kefir. An important point - kefir and buckwheat should be consumed separately, one dose - cereals, the other - a drink.

Pay attention!Perhaps this option is more suitable for someone - alternating days of consumption of products - buckwheat day, kefir day.

Kefir with apples

This option is used for 3-5 daysallows you to get rid of 3-5 kg of excess weight. . . One and a half liters of kefir and 0, 5-0, 6 kg of apples for the whole day. All this should be divided into 6 times, the last dose should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Due to digestive problems it is best not to use.

Kefir and apples

There is a variant of the "strict" diet with kefir and apples, which is very effective, but quite difficult to tolerate. By following this diet, you can lose up to 10 kg in 9 days - this is the period for which it is designed. Kefir is allowed for the first 3 days (1%), only apples for the second 3 days and kefir with a fat content of 3% for the last 3 days.

Kefir and vegetable

Kefir and vegetable diet is recommended for 7 days. Kefir, water and green tea are allowed from the liquids. Vegetables can be eaten raw and cooked in unlimited quantities.Only potatoes are prohibited. . .


The cucumber-kefir version is one of the tastiest and lightest. During the day he should drink one and a half liters of kefir in 6 receptions, eat 1 kg of cucumbers and 0, 3-0, 4 kg of boiled white fish.

Kefir with cucumbers

Beets and kefir

The duration of the diet with beets is 3 days. The usual dose of kefir and 1 kg of boiled beets is recommended per day, from which you can make a salad by adding a little sour cream or butter. Eat a little every 2 hours.

Attention!Intestinal disease is a contraindication because diarrhea is possible.


The kefir-potato version involves the use of boiled potatoes without kefir. This system is recommended for 3 days. Boil 3 large potatoes in water without salt. One potato for breakfast, 2 potatoes for lunch.The result is up to minus 5 kg.

Boiled potatoes

Kefir with porridge

Following this diet, you need to choose one type of grain.


Duration - 10 days:

  • breakfast - oatmeal on water (without sugar), a glass of kefir;
  • lunch - 0, 15 kg of boiled chicken, vegetable salad, a glass of kefir;
  • dinner - 0, 15 kg of low-fat cottage cheese, 1 fruit, a glass of kefir


The duration of such a diet is 7 days. Every day - one and a half liters of kefir and rice porridge in unlimited quantities. This porridge needs to be cooked without salt and sugar. If you want, you can add one apple to the daily rate.A week can rob 5 kg. . .

Weight loss with a kefir-rice diet

For dairy products

For 3-7 days is allowed to consume kefir and 0, 5 kg of cottage cheese. As a last resort, you can eat one unsweetened apple. Such a dietallows you to get rid of 3 kg in 3 days. There is a heavier option where you can consume only kefir, milk and yogurt every 3-5 hours for 3-5 days. The result can be as much as 7 kg in weight.

Kefir with fruit

This option provides for the use of different fruits in conjunction with kefir. Only grapes are prohibited. Restrictions on bananas - 1 piece. Allowed during the day and only during the day. The optimal application time is 3-5 days, you can lose 5 kg.

Kefir with banana
  • Kefir-banana dietallows you to use 1 liter of kefir and a bunch of bananas a day. You can prepare a banana-kefir cocktail by adding cinnamon or cocoa. Prohibited in diabetes.
  • Kefir-lemon variantsuitable only for those who handle everything perfectly with the gastrointestinal tract. You can consume 2 lemons a day with kefir - eat or squeeze the juice into the water. You can follow this diet for a maximum of 3 days.


Another diet option is the use of 4 boiled eggs and 1 liter of kefir. Green tea is allowed. Not more than 3 days.

Kefir and chicken

This diet is for 6 days, during which time you can lose weight up to 5 kg. For the first 3 days are allowed to consume only kefir and water, for the second 3 days - 0, 3 kg of boiled chicken. Green tea is not prohibited.

Chicken for kefir-chicken diet

The star

According to rumors, many show business stars have experienced the effects of this diet on themselves. 7 days guarantee weight loss up to 4 kg.A day is added 0, 5 liters of kefir and an additional diet.

  • Day 1: 0, 5 kg of fried potatoes.
  • Day 2: 0, 5 kg of cottage cheese.
  • Day 3: 0, 5 kg of fruit (excluding bananas and grapes).
  • Day 4: 0, 3-5, 5 kg of boiled chicken.
  • Day 5: 0, 5 kg of carrots, 0, 15 kg of plums, dried apricots, raisins.
  • Day 6: 1, 5 liters of still mineral water.
  • Day 7: 0, 5 kg of fruit.

Pay attention!Last meal - 18: 00

7 day menu

The seven-day kefir diet belongs to the category of protein diet, if strictly followed, it can give a fantastic result - up to minus 10 kg in weight. Therefore, this option is most commonly used for weight loss.

You should drink one and a half liters of kefir every day and add one product.

  • Day 1: 0, 6 kg of boiled potatoes.
  • Day 2: 150 g of boiled chicken.
  • Day 3: 150 g of boiled beef (veal).
  • Day 4: 150 g of boiled fish.
  • Day 5: 150 g of boiled broccoli, 1 boiled carrot and 2 fried apples.
  • Day 6: up to 2 liters of kefir, still water.
  • Day 7: unlimited mineral water without gas, you can use 0, 2 liters of kefir.

Mono diet

The heavy fast weight loss version is a one-time diet for 3 days. Allowed kefir - 1, 5 liters in six doses - and water.The result is minus 3 kg.Contraindicated in people with gastric, intestinal, renal, cardiac pathology, and also not recommended for adolescents.

How long can you follow a diet

If you decide to follow a kefir diet, you should prepare for it by not eating heavy, fatty foods for a few days. This will make it easier for the body to cope with subsequent limitations.The number of kilograms lost depends on the diet option chosen and the duration of its application.. . . For example, you can easily lose 1 to 3 kg in 3 days of a one-time diet, and up to 7 kg in a week.

The girl lost weight following a kefir diet

Unlike the Ducan diet, doctors do not recommend taking it for more than 3 days - it can harm the body. However, the combined diet with other foods can be used for 2 and 3 weeks. However, it is still recommended to see a doctor.

How to properly get out of this diet

Exit from any type of diet must be smooth, because for any period, even 3 days, the body is already accustomed to receiving food in small portions. And if you stack a large amount of food literally the next day, you will provoke failure or even illness.

The girl is right out of the diet

thereforeduring the first 2-3 weeks after the end of the diet you should not eat fatty, sweet foods, pastries. . . Gradually increase your food intake by adding 2 items of products a day, no more. Also, do not consume alcohol or carbonated beverages.

For and against

The kefir diet, like all others, has definite advantages and benefits over others, and inevitable disadvantages.

Key benefits:

  • does not require large investments and, like the Maggi diet, does not require time to prepare complex meals;
  • there is an option to choose the most suitable option;
  • normalizes metabolic processes in the body;
  • promotes the removal of toxins and toxins;
  • cleans the colon and small intestine;
  • improves intestinal microflora, improves digestion in general;
  • removes excess fluids and salt from the body;
  • works fast, the result is visible on the third day;
  • has a positive effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system;
  • frequent eating facilitates the process;
  • in case of acute hunger sensation, unplanned snacks are allowed.

Disadvantages include the following factors:

  • if you leave the diet incorrectly, the weight can return quickly;
  • may provoke gastrointestinal upset;
  • a combination of kefir and fruit can increase stomach acidity.


Definitely for using a kefir dietthere are several contraindications, the violation of which will inevitably lead to serious consequences:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • intolerance to dairy products;
  • presence of gastrointestinal, kidney diseases;
  • adolescence.

After analyzing the information obtained, you can decide whether it is advisable to use the kefir diet yourself by choosing the right option.