The most correct gastritis diet, weekly menu with recipes

Dietary meat with vegetables is on the stomach gastritis menu

Modern rhythm of life and proper nutrition are often incompatible concepts, because the workload and the abundance of fast food establishments force us to eat not very healthy food, which is rich in fats, preservatives and spices, in our free time. The results will not wait long - the unpleasant discomfort in the abdomen will end in serious diseases, among which gastritis is considered the most popular. Doctors warn: without a special diet, drug treatment will be ineffective, so the gastritis diet should play a central role in the course of treatment.

Diet for gastritis and stomach ulcers: basic diet rules

To get the most out of your gastritis diet and help you cope with the problem, it is recommended that you understand the specifics of proper nutrition.

The basic rules required by nutritionists are:

  • Eat only warm food. Too cold or scalded food can cause stomach irritation, which will lead to additional complications, severe pain.
  • It is advisable to eat chopped or grated food. Large particles are no less dangerous to the mucous membranes of the gastritis than hot or cold foods, so keep in mind that it will take a long time to digest them. Another danger inherent in rough food is an increase in the secretion of gastric juice.
  • Partial nutrition is a prerequisite for successful treatment of gastric diseases (especially gastritis). It is recommended to eat food in small portions at least five times a day.
  • Adjust your diet. It is necessary to review the menu, exclude harmful products, supplement with dishes useful for the digestive organs.
  • It is advisable to make a menu with a nutritionist - the specialist will recommend dishes that are useful in each case.

Any diet for stomach ailments also requires an adjustment of the drinking regimen. You should not drink any drinks with gastritis before meals, this helps to normalize the production of gastric juice.

Diet for gastric gastritis: what can you eat, what better to give up if the disease goes away without complications?

On the advice of your doctor, it is better to find out in advance the gastritis diet, what you can eat and what you can't - this will be the most useful menu. It is not necessary to assume that dietary restrictions will cause difficulties - from the prepared products it is easy to prepare delicious nutritious meals that have a positive effect on health, normalize digestion and prevent complications.

Table of what you can and cannot eat, dietary products for the treatment of gastritis without complications, general recommendations:

Products Allowed Banned
Drinks Green, black tea (no sugar), herbal decoctions, fruit drinks, compote Grape, cranberry juice (also prohibited drinks from other acidic fruits), kvass
Baking Crackers, biscuits, lean biscuits, toast (without butter) Fresh pastries (especially hot), all pasta, yeast products
Fruit Always eat peeled fruit - peel can irritate the stomach, you can bake it Unripe fruits, small seeds, fresh figs, prunes
Cereals Oatmeal, rice, buckwheat porridge Wheat, scrambled eggs, legumes
First Courses Lean fish soups, vegetable broths Sour soups with tomato sauce, okroshka with kvass, borscht with herbs
Eggs Cook for a soft boil, fry an omelette with a minimum amount of vegetable oil (do not use animal fat) Hard boiled
Side dishes Fried, boiled, boiled vegetables Mushrooms, cucumbers (fresh, pickled), peppers, onions (green, onions), garlic, pickled, canned vegetables

Diet for gastritis and ulcers: menu rules

In case of ulcers, gastritis, it is recommended to follow a special diet, follow many restrictions and recommendations that will help to quickly eliminate the painful symptoms. It is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet foods that can worsen, worsen digestive processes.

A diet designed with all the features of the disease in mind will help prevent complications of gastritis, promote healing of damaged mucous tissues, and increase the effectiveness of medications. To get the maximum benefit from food, it is better to immediately understand the peculiarities of the diet for gastritis, ulcers.

Diet for gastric gastritis: what is forbidden if a ulcer is diagnosed at the same time?

If you are worried about gastritis, ulcers, you must first sort out the prohibited foods and remove them completely from the daily menu. They can provoke complications, deteriorating health:

  • fatty fish, meat;
  • chocolate, confectionery, ice cream;
  • canned vegetables, meat, canned fish;
  • smoked meat, pickles;
  • sweet soda, kvass;
  • sour fruits (excluding spinach, white cabbage, citrus fruits);
  • sauces
  • , especially mayonnaise (serve with vegetable slices, mashed potatoes is recommended to make a milk sauce cooked with a small amount of fat);
  • hot vegetables (garlic, hot peppers, radishes, onions);
  • strong tea (especially sweet), coffee;
  • pastries with a lot of sugar, wheat flour, yeast.

Dietary gastritis, ulcer menu should also be simplified, taking into account the peculiarities of heat treatment of products. It is strictly forbidden to eat meals fried in vegetable oil or animal fats (except for low-acid gastritis, in which case occasional meals are allowed). Recommended for steaming or cooking, allowed to cook in the oven.

Ulcer and gastritis: what is allowed?

The list of foods allowed for stomach ailments is quite extensive, making it easy to prepare balanced meals that benefit the digestive system. In gastritis, the menu should be:

  • Soups. Most useful from ulcers, gastritis, the first ground courses. The best option is puree soup with vegetables or low-fat broth.
  • Fish, meat. Give preference to low-fat species. A prerequisite is to grind before use, even soft chicken or rabbit meat can cause digestion, causing discomfort in the affected stomach.
  • Porridge. It is recommended to cook only in water. If you need to slightly diversify your diet, you can add a small amount of skim milk, but be sure to follow the reaction of the body - if you are worried about severe pain after eating porridge, it is better to refrain from consuming dairy products.
  • Breakfast for gastric gastritis
  • Vegetables. It is advisable for gastritis not to use raw - steamed, boiled. Grind before serving.
  • Fruit. Only non-acidic varieties are allowed to be included in the menu (fruits with a high sugar content in the presence of gastritis are also undesirable). It is better not to eat fresh fruit - to cook saturated compotes, jelly.
  • Dairy products. Only skimmed milk, curd, cheese may be used. Butter is allowed, but in limited quantities.
  • Sweets. During the diet you are allowed to indulge in sweets - marshmallows, homemade fruit marmalade, marshmallows.
  • Bread, cookies, crackers. If you eat bread from gastritis, give preference to yesterday's pastries - fresh pastries, especially hot ones, will definitely cause severe pain.

Pay special attention to drinks. In gastritis, decoctions of herbs are considered mandatory (especially useful drink from rose hips, which normalizes the acidity of the stomach), green tea.

Weekly menu at home, following a diet for gastric gastritis, ulcers

When creating a dietary menu for gastric gastritis, progressive ulcers, you need to consider an important thing - you should rely on a diet of several meals. The optimal number of meals a day is at least five times (breakfast, first snack, lunch, second snack, dinner). The last meal should be eaten no later than two hours before bedtime; better to go to bed with a slight feeling of hunger.

Diets for stomach gastritis, weekly menus with all the recommendations of nutritionists, are easy to organize, especially if you know which foods should predominate in the diet and which are best avoided.


  • Bread, porridge-oatmeal, boiled egg, prepare a decoction of herbs from the drinks (boil 5-7 rosehips in a glass of boiling water).
  • Compote (use only dried fruit for baking, it is better not to put prunes), cookies.
  • Pumpkin puree with stewed garnish, vegetable soup, tea (add a little milk, sugar to improve the taste, but only if there are no exacerbations of gastritis).
  • Toast with a glass of kefir.
  • Steam dumplings with pasta, vegetable slices (vegetable oil sauce), cocoa with milk.


  • Buckwheat porridge, souffle made from skim milk, black or green tea.
  • Sweet jelly from oatmeal.
  • Vegetable soup with rice, salad of boiled carrots, peas, spaghetti with oven-baked zrazy, cocoa.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese, grated with a small amount of sugar, dried fruit.
  • Vegetable stew, lean meatballs, dried fruit jelly.


  • Toast (cook without vegetable oil), curd mass with bee honey, tea.
  • Kefir or homemade yogurt without sweet ingredients.
  • Low-fat meat stew (rabbit, chicken) with vegetables, potato soup (it is recommended to whip with mashed potatoes), dry fruit drink.
  • Milk foam made from cooked fruit particles or dried fruit.
  • Rice porridge with rabbit, chopping vegetables (better to cook vegetables, cut into small pieces), tea.


  • Oatmeal porridge, steamed or fried fish (use only low-fat varieties), herbal drink.
  • Kissel is made from skim milk.
  • Carrot and potato puree, vegetable soup, lean meat, cutlet or hint.
  • Curd, grated with bee nectar.
  • Boiled peas (crushed), toast or bread, chicken dumpling.


  • Toast or cookies, boiled egg.
  • Oatmeal-based drink (add sugar).
  • Soup with peas (break in the blender), fried pumpkin pieces, lean fish.
  • Milk kissers.
  • Rosehip broth, boiled fish, cabbage stew, zucchini, potatoes, carrots.


  • Baked fruit (apples or pears), allowed to use curd filling, freshly squeezed juice.
  • Milk (minimum fat content) or any fermented milk drink.
  • Mashed potatoes and carrots with a cook cutlet (lean meat, bread, no spices), vegetable soup with small pieces of chicken.
  • Curd, add honey after grinding.
  • Pasta with boiled chicken pieces, pumpkin stew (allowed to replace fried pumpkin slices), cocoa.


  • Buckwheat (cook with a mixture of water, milk), souffle (milk, a little sugar).
  • Baked apples, apricots, pears, kefir.
  • Soup with cauliflower (must be crushed), rice grains (use chicken, veal), cocoa.
  • Sauce from any vegetable (except garlic, onion), tea.
  • Steamed fish, vegetable salad (finely chop the vegetables, use vegetable oil for the topping), rosehip broth.

Despite the ulcer, gastritis diet, it is not recommended to sit on the same diet regularly. Different combinations have to be changed, permitted foods are added, otherwise the body will receive less useful elements that will immediately affect the overall well-being and health. Along with improving stomach function, there is a risk of additional complications, so you will need to use different menus that prevent unwanted consequences.

Diet for gastritis: weekly menu with recipes during exacerbations

There is not enough knowledge about what is possible and what is not in the diet for gastritis, especially if the disease progresses rapidly and is accompanied by exacerbations. A special diet recommended by nutritionists should be used.

It will help proper nutrition, useful in illness, diet in the treatment of gastric gastritis, a weekly menu with recipes prepared by nutritionists, taking into account all the characteristics of the disease. There will be no particular difficulties in cooking - the diet consists of simple and affordable products that can be found in any home.


  • Breakfast. Grated cottage cheese, bee honey (mix ingredients in good proportions, grind with a grinder or through a sieve). Cocoa with milk (20 g of cocoa pour a glass of hot water, add a little milk, sugar).
  • Lunch. Semolina soup with milk (boil a glass of milk, pour 35 g of cereal, stirring vigorously, wait for the desired thickness, allow to add a little oil). Omelette (beat a few eggs, add a little milk, pour into a pan heated with a little oil, cook without crust). Rosehip broth (boil a few fruits in a cup of boiling water, leave under the lid to cook for a quarter of an hour).
  • Dinner. Steamed dumplings with fish (turn the fish fillet into minced meat, add a little bread soaked in water, form balls, steam). Pasta with vegetables (cook pasta in water with as little salt as possible, cook cabbage, carrots, peas, serve as a side dish).


  • Breakfast. Rice soup (add rice, carrots, parsley roots to the chicken broth, bring to a boil until soft, cut in a blender and add oil). Green or black tea (boil with honey or a little sugar, use sweet ingredients only for gastritis without exacerbations).
  • Lunch. Zrazy from beef (add breadcrumbs to minced beef, form cakes, put boiled rice inside, bake in the oven or steam). Fruit compote (evaporate dried fruit or crushed pieces of apples, peaches, plums, raisins with boiling water).
  • Dinner. Mashed carrots, potatoes (cut vegetables cut into small slices, boiled until soft, chopped), boiled cutlets (mix low-fat mince with soaked bread crust, add potatoes, grated on a fine grater, form small cutlets, form small cutlets, form


  • Breakfast. Hercules flakes cooked in milk (evaporate the flakes with boiling milk, stir, leave until swollen). Tea (evaporate the tea leaves, insist on low-fat cream, stir).
  • Lunch. Rice soup with milk (cook regular rice porridge, add more milk, break with a blender). Carrot puree (boil the roots, grind with a metal sieve). Boiled meat (rabbit or chicken fillets cook on low heat, do not add spices, allow to add a little salt).
  • Dinner. Lazy dumplings (add sugar, flour, raisins to the grated curd mass, mix, form small balls, boil in salted water). Rosehip drink (steamed bush fruit with boiling water).


  • Breakfast. Vermicelli with butter (cook vermicelli in salted water, drain the liquid, pour in the butter). Tea with cream.
  • Lunch. Milk soup with potatoes, carrots (boil vegetables in water, cut, pour hot milk, consistency should correspond to puree soup). Rice porridge with boiled chicken (pour the rice into boiling water, cook until soft, cook the meat separately, pour into the prepared porridge).
  • Dinner. Mashed buckwheat porridge (boil the porridge from the buckwheat, break with a blender, do not add milk or cream). Steamed cutlets (mix minced meat from lean meat with bread mass, salt, form large cutlets, cook in steam). A drink made from dried fruit (boil a handful of any dry fruit in boiling water, leave for half an hour, improve the taste with sugar).


  • Breakfast. Curd mass (crush non-edible curd, add raisins, sugar). Cocoa with cream (cook a regular drink with cocoa, add cream and sugar instead of milk).
  • Lunch. Milk soup with oats (pour oatmeal into boiling milk, cook until soft, season with sugar).
  • Dinner. Boiled meat (cook chicken, rabbit fillet until tender). Vermicelli (cook vermicelli, season with vegetables or butter).


  • Breakfast. Mashed potatoes and carrots (cook vegetables, cut and season with cream). Tea with milk.
  • Lunch. Soup with peas (cook vegetables - potatoes, peas, carrots, break with a mixer). Chicken with pasta (boil the chicken fillet separately, disassemble into fibers, add to cooked pasta).
  • Dinner. Rice cutlets (mix curd mass, boiled rice, form cutlets, cook in the oven). Rosehip drink.
Steam breakfast omelette during exacerbation of gastritis


  • Breakfast. Steam omelette (beat the eggs with a little milk, steam). Steamed oatmeal (boil in boiling water, break with cream).
  • Lunch. Carrot puree (grind boiled carrots), serve with bread or toast (dry bread in a toaster without butter). Boiled fish (cook any lean fish in boiling water over low heat until soft).
  • Dinner. Meat cheese (pass the lean cooked meat twice through a fine grinder, mix with the hard cheese passed through a press). Curd mass with cranberry fruit (grate the curd, pour in low-fat sour cream, serve with mashed berries, sugar is allowed to improve the taste).

Frequent snacks between meals - fermented milk drinks, dried fruit, home-made yogurt. If hunger is disturbed, the diet is allowed to supplement with fruit.

What diet is recommended for gastritis if the acidity is low?

Doctors usually notice an increase in stomach acidity in patients with gastritis, but it is possible that the rates are much lower than usual. Dietary adjustments will normalize acid levels, but some requirements will need to be considered.

The diet menu for gastric gastritis, if the acidity is low, differs from the usual diet recommended for ulcers with high acidity. Doctors warn that insufficient acidity of gastric juice worsens the breakdown of food, which immediately affects metabolism. The body does not receive the elements necessary for the proper functioning of organs, breaks in the work of the intestine begin. The optimal diet with low acidity is the use of easily digestible and digestible foods.

Necessary nutrition, if the acidity is insufficient, then the use of fermented dairy products. Vegetables and fruits (necessarily sour) will bring great benefits to gastritis. It is allowed to eat even fried food (cook on medium heat until golden brown, do not overheat. ) Consult a nutritionist in advance - during exacerbations you will have to sit according to the usual diet recommended for gastritis, preferring cooked grated dishes.

There are bans on acidity, despite a relatively mild diet. It is strictly not recommended to eat poultry (goose, duck), pets (pork is especially dangerous for the stomach) with gastritis. There should be fish in the diet, but there is an exception - salmon are better off the menu.

Sweets (desserts, cakes, pastries are high in fat) will also need to be removed from the daily menu. Vegetables that often cause fermentation in the stomach - cabbage, legumes, onions - can cause serious damage. It is also not recommended to use grapes (compotes, curd mass) when cooking. Even a small amount of berries will cause fermentation that will result in severe abdominal pain, increased acidity, general deterioration of health, and exacerbations of gastritis.

Diet for gastric gastritis, if doctors notice an increase in acidity, should be balanced, nutritious and easy. Food must be consumed in several stages, chewing thoroughly (the best option for cooking is grinding cooked food), following the same time intervals.

No less useful will be

fasting days, during which it is recommended to drink only water or plant drinks (kefir is allowed, drinking yogurt). Such a diet helps to restore the mucous membranes, reduce acidity and restore damaged areas of the stomach.

Doctors warn that gastritis and diet are inseparable concepts, and it only depends on following dietary rules how effectively you can fight the disease. To accelerate the process of regeneration of diseased tissues, normalize acidity, stabilize metabolic and digestive processes, it will be necessary to correct the menu, study the characteristics of eating, cooking and strictly follow medical recommendations.

Important! Informative article! You must consult a specialist before use!