The 8 best exercises for weight loss

Still, the debate continues on which is more effective: cardio or strength training. Research Leslie Willis (Leslie H. Willis) and his colleagues from Duke University showed that exercise is best to combine.

Participants who performed only cardio exercises lost more fat. But the people who combined cardio with strength training, not only lost weight, but increased muscle mass.

The advantage of combined training is confirmed by the study of Ho Sulin (Suleen Ho) from the University Kertina in Australia. 12 weeks of combined training helped the subjects to decrease the weight and amount of body fat more efficiently than cardio or strength exercises individually.

It turns out that for maximum effect you need to perform cardio and strength exercises.

The first more energy, but the second build muscles and due to the oxygen debt will help to burn calories not only in training but also after it.

Exercise for weight loss

There is the most energy-consuming exercise for the combined exercise. First, consider the options that you want equipment: barbell, dumbbells, ropes, medicine ball, and then move on to the bodyweight exercises that burn fat.

Exercises with equipment


This exercise clearly came up in the underworld. First you squat with a barbell on his chest, and then, without stopping, make jimboy obvertitur. Move slowly not: you will lose speed and momentum and you need more undergrowth to push the barbell up. Therefore, the tracery are very hard and spend a lot of energy.

Tracery is well-stressing the thighs and buttocks, shoulders and back. Also engage the abdominal muscles.

Pick a weight to perform 10 tracery without stopping, and even better — turn them into an interval workout and you'll wish you were dead.

Double wave rope

The study Charles J. Fountaine at the University of Minnesota at Duluth showed that 10-minute workout with two ropes allows you to burn 111,5 calories — approximately two times more than during the run. Experiment participants performed a vertical wave with two hands for 15 seconds and then rest 45 seconds. And so 10 times.

During this exercise, well loaded broadest muscle of back and front of the Delta, as the synergists are back deltas and trapezoid. Thus, exercise not only helps to spend calories, but also loads the entire top of the body. Also involves the quads and glutes and abs and back extensors to stabilize the body.

Try to repeat the experiment Charles J. Fountaine and do 10 reps for 15 seconds. If difficult, reduce the working time to 10 seconds. You can also make interval training of different exercises with the rope shown in the video.

Throw ball against wall

Throw ball against wall resemble tracery. First you go into the squat, then you need to straighten up, but instead jimboy obvertitur throw the ball into the wall. This exercise is working the quads and glutes, shoulders, back, trapeze and core muscles.

Throws the ball to perform with high intensity and load can be scaled by increasing the weight of the ball and adjusting the height to which you throw.

Do 2-3 sets of 20-25 times or include shots in interval training. For example, 30 seconds throw the ball, and the rest of the minute do a burpee, and so until then, until there are 100 shots.

The snatch of the kettlebell

In January 2010, the American Council on exercise ACE published the results of a study showing how many calories you can burn with kettlebell snatch.

Subjects performed six jerks in 15 seconds and then resting for 15 seconds. And so 20 minutes. Aerobic by the participants burned to 13.6 kcal per minute, and anaerobic and 6.6 kcal. It turns out of 20.2 calories per minute and 404 kcal for 20 minutes!

In addition to enhanced calorie burning, the snatch of the kettlebell is useful for flow back and legs, strengthen the wrists and grip strength. Exercise develops endurance and speed, train coordination of movements.

To burn more calories, select five exercises with kettlebells and complete three rounds of 15 repetitions of each of them with 30-second breaks between exercises.

Bodyweight exercises

Jumping rope

While jumping rope work your leg muscles, triceps and chest muscles. Exercise can burn 700 to 1,000 calories per hour depending on intensity. 20 minutes of jumping rope energy equal to 45 minute relaxed run.

Unlike Jogging, jumping less stress your knees as you land on both feet. It is an additional plus for people who are overweight.

You can start your workout with jump ropes: jumping will help heat the body for the following exercises. After a joint warm-up set a timer and jump for 45 seconds at a moderate pace, then 15 seconds — fast. Rest a minute and repeat nine more times.

If you want to burn even more calories, learn double jumps. Here is a good diagram to study:

  • two single jump, a double — repeat 10 times;
  • two single, two double — 10 times;
  • two singles, three doubles 10 times and so on.

If you already know how to make a double benchmark to try the famous Annie. First, do 50 double jumps and sit-UPS (from prone position), then on 40, 30, 20 and 10. And all this at a time without rest intervals.

Also you can diversify your workout by adding exercises with a rope.


High-intensity workout with burpee burn from 8 to 14 kcal per minute. That is, making the burpee, you can burn 280 calories in 20 minutes. Also you can intensify the exercise by adding a jump to Boxing, jumping fingerboard, pull-UPS and other variations.

Here are a few options for workouts:

  • Descending burpee ladder for beginners. Follow 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 burpee with a minute rest in between sets.
  • 100 burpee. Do the 100 burpee, rest as needed.
  • Two minutes burpee (advanced). Set a timer and do as many burpee over two minutes. Make sure not to suffer technique: touch the Breasts and hips of the floor, at the top come off the earth.

Exercise "Cliffhanger"

Take the emphasis lying down and alternately bend your knees, as if trying to get them to the chest. "Cliffhanger" is fast, but the pelvis and back are rigidly fixed.

Exercise is good press is pumping and muscles-hip flexors, and due to the intensity increases the calorie consumption. Depending on the weight you can spend from 8 to 12 kcal per minute.

Of course, you will not be able to perform a "Cliffhanger" 10-20 minutes at a time. Instead, combine it with other exercises in interval training. For example, 20 jumping rock Climber, 10 pushups (from the knees), 20 hops "Jumping Jack", 15 air squats. Perform 3-5 rounds, rest between rounds is 30 seconds.

You can also do "Cliffhanger" on the TABATA Protocol: 20 seconds active run 10 seconds of rest. Number of laps — of-being.

Squats with jumps

Squats without barbells and dumbbells can hardly be called effective exercises. Another thing — squats with jumps. In this exercise, you go into a squat, and come up with a jump. Due to this, the exercise becomes much harder and you spend more calories.

Perform three sets of 20-30 times. And Yes, you will not have very long to jump before you properly load the muscles of the legs.

How to perform the exercises without equipment

To exercise with its own weight helped to lose weight, it must be intense and prolonged. Simply put, if you do 20 squats and then rest for five minutes, you, of course, strengthen the muscles, but a lot of calories will not burn.

So do the exercises with high intensity, and better yet, include them in interval training with a certain amount of rest between sets from 10 seconds to one minute. So you keep the heart rate high throughout the workout and burn more calories.

Also, remember that no one workout will not help to lose weight, if you do not reconsider your diet. Combine exercise with diet, and you will very soon see the first results.