How to lose 7 kg in 5-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 1-3 months

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Losing 2-3 kg is not a problem: it is enough to hold a couple of days of fasting, turn the rim of a hula and take laxatives. But what if the scales are missing a little more against the desired shape? We understand how to lose weight 7 kg with and without diets, as well as whether you can do without sports. We choose an action program based on how long you plan to lose that weight.

Just don’t dream of doing it faster than 5 days. Even this period will be critical and undesirable. Express methods are full of health problems and fast recovery of lost pounds. The best option for this number is 3-4 weeks.

If you feel unwell while losing weight, abandon the method you have chosen and review your diet, exercise program, or course of procedures.

5 days

a girl on a diet for weight loss

Diet "Minus 7 kg in 5 days"

To lose 7 kg in such a short time, proper nutrition alone will not be enough. You have to choose a strict diet and set up a five-day hunger strike. Of all the possible options, we offer the three most effective.

On water and on bread

It is estimated that 2-3 liters of water are consumed per day, and instead of meals, sandwiches made from black or whole grain bread and a low-calorie but nutritious layer. These can be tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkin caviar, grated carrots, low-fat cottage cheese, apples, a plate of lean meat. Unsweetened fruit is allowed as a snack.


You can use grapefruit as a fat burner. Low-fat kefir will work not only on muscles, but on adipocytes. As soon as they were hungry, they ate half the fruit and washed them with a glass of kefir.

On green tea

Green tea can be a fat burner and a diuretic as part of a diet. But it affects blood pressure and heart rate, so the daily rate is no more than 5 cups and no sugar. It is allowed to use lemon, milk, ginger, cinnamon, honey. Fruits and vegetables will be used as auxiliary products.


Despite the fact that due to lack of carbohydrates and lack of energy for intense workouts you will constantly feel sleepy, it is simply necessary to exercise. The gym is optional because there is too little time left, you can work on the figure at home. Daily:

  • do morning exercises for at least 15 minutes at an intense rhythm;
  • Rotate the hula ring for 15 minutes;
  • swing the press;
  • stand up at the bar (how long can you stand);
  • in the afternoon, perform a set of exercises for slimming: twisting, bending, squatting;
  • walk for at least 40-50 minutes in the evening.

If you experience muscle pain the next day after such exercise, determine its strength: tolerable - do this program for the entire 5 days; unbearable - exclude bands, abs and workout set from 2 and 4 days.


5 days is too short a period to lose 7 kg at a time. Therefore, sports and diet alone will not suffice. What else to do?

  1. Wear uniforms. Or adhesive tape.
  2. Start a five-day marathon by clearing the enema and fasting day.
  3. Make anti-cellulite wraps and take salt or soda baths.
  4. Use cosmetics for cellulite and stretch marks.

When taking all these measures, remember for a minute that losing 7 kg is not enough for five days and it is a health hazard. Therefore, in the case of the slightest illness, these companies should be abandoned and find time for a longer period.

Per week

waist reduction per week

Many people think it is normal to lose 1 kg every day. Based on this simple arithmetic, losing 7 kg per week is a great choice. In fact, nutritionists warn: safe weight loss is to lose 1 pound in 7 days. Everything else they call a mockery of the body.

Nevertheless, there are situations where it is simply necessary. We develop an action plan to fix the figure in a short time.

Diet "Minus 7 kg in 7 days"

Diets will no longer be as strict as a five-day diet, but you still need to tighten your belt: you won’t go anywhere from starvation. What can you choose?


Limits daily calories to 1, 000 kcal. The basic rule for choosing products is the minimum amount of carbohydrates and fats. The basis of the diet is protein foods and vegetables. Recommended for athletes and men.


Suitable only for those who like this grain. In the evening, buckwheat should be steamed according to a special recipe, and the next day eat in limited quantities. Additional products are boiled chicken breast, 1, 5% kefir and green apples. Hard to move. However, it is entirely possible to lose 7 kg in 7 days while maintaining muscle mass due to protein.

5 tbsp

An interesting diet with only 5 tablespoons (about 150 g). Do not eat larger amounts at one time. Fully compliant with the principles of partial nutrition. The plus is that you can eat almost anything. Restrictions apply only to alcohol (total ban), sugar and salt (minimum).


To really lose weight due to your expensive 7 kg, confirm your chosen diet with workouts. The approximate plan can be as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday - cardio training, fitness, dancing;
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - cycling / swimming / horseback riding;
  • daily - exercises and jogging in the morning, hula lap in the afternoon, walking at a high pace in the evening.

From additional activities, you can advise the same ones for 5 days.

10 days

The further we go in terms of time, the safer our health becomes with weight loss. If you stretch for 10 days, it won’t be that urgent anymore, which means the results will be more durable.

Diet "Minus 7 kg in 10 days"

Ten-day diets are not only safe for your health, but will also be beneficial. For example, in addition to salt normalizes the water and alkali balance in the body, kefir will help solve digestive problems, vegetables will feed on vitamins. They should be chosen when losing 7 kg.

Without salt

Assumes that all dishes without salt are used. It’s hard to move, but it gives great results. Contraindicated in heat. Drink as much water as possible to avoid dehydration.


A low-fat, low-calorie diet. The daily rate of the main product is 1 liter of kefir, 1, 5% fat. You can include milk, fish, meat and eggs in your diet.


You can lose 7 kg of weight if you eat mostly low-calorie and starchy vegetables. As an additional food - unsweetened fruits and proteins (especially curd and kefir).


When it comes to sports, here you can use a workout program designed to lose weight in a week. The only addition is to prolong the duration of running, walking, exercise on the gym. This will improve performance.

From the additional methods, you can advise, in addition to the above, to register for a massage. Lymphatic drainage, bottling, anti-cellulite treatment will help get rid of extra pounds.

Within 2 weeks

slimming products for greens and vegetables

Losing seven pounds in two weeks is real and without strict diets, although without dietary restrictions, this indicator still cannot be adjusted in one sport. Therefore, the activities will be the same.

Diet "Minus 7 kg in 14 days"

The range of diets that allow you to lose 7 kg in 2 weeks is quite wide, so there is a choice.

Carbohydrate free

The diet should be designed to release no more than 40 g of carbohydrates per day. Men are encouraged to rely on meat, women on vegetables and fruits.


The basis of the diet is plant and protein foods. The daily caloric intake is 1200 kcal. To build muscle, you need exercise. Eating needs to be strictly on schedule.


You can only eat for lunch and dinner, breakfast is not included. The basis of the diet is low-calorie protein and plant foods. Carbohydrates and fats are prohibited. Limit the salt. The daily caloric intake is 1, 000 kcal.


You no longer need to exhaust your body as suggested in the shorter term options. It’s worth listening to here. The muscles should hurt in moderation. If the sensation is too uncomfortable, reduce the load. You can add strength exercises, pick up a complex that affects some problematic areas of the body - abdomen, buttocks, arms. Running in the morning should become a habit. But don’t forget to do all your workouts every other day, otherwise you’ll be free and you’ll end up in the hospital.


Here the choice is much wider and it is not necessary to apply all procedures at once. Focus on two or three - that's enough:

  • uniforms / ribbons;
  • wraps;
  • baths;
  • fasting days;
  • laxative / diuretic use;
  • stretch marks and cellulite creams;
  • massage;
  • Food supplements.

Within 3 weeks

girl slimming due to physical activity

If you have all 3 weeks in stock and by your ideal weight you only need to get rid of 7kg, you are the lucky person. After all, you have plenty of time to sit on a diet and exercise. And all this without much stress.

Diet "Minus 7 kg in 21 days"

The three-week diets are very interesting, their diet is balanced and varied. There is no need to torture yourself with starvation as 7 kg will be lost even if the daily caloric intake is 1500 kcal.

English diet

It is based on a separate diet, offering alternating vegetable and protein days and limiting daily calories to 1, 000 kcal. Days 1, 2, 7, 14 and 21 - unloading of drinking days. Of the drinks, tea is preferred. Breakfast is as light as possible (as opposed to dinner).


This indicates a jump in daily caloric intake: it decreases to 600-800 kcal in 1 and 3 weeks, and to 1200 in 2 weeks. At the same time, any fat is reduced, and portion size is significantly limited.


It is protein, low in calories and salt free. The basis of the diet is rice, seafood, fish, fruits and vegetables. You won’t have to starve, but it’s hard to tolerate without salt.


To prevent weight loss from being associated with stretch marks on the abdomen and sagging wrinkles, tone your muscles. You can skip the run if you have a hard time getting up in the morning. However, light sports should be included in the program:

  • morning workout;
  • a set of exercises to identify problem areas;
  • evening walks.

Alternatively, you can visit a beauty salon or cosmetic medical clinic to find out what support procedures they can offer. Their range of services in this regard is quite wide, from cedar barrels to press therapy. If you don’t have the time or finances, the usual body wraps or massages can be done at home.

Per month

fat folds on the sides say you need to lose weight

When planning to lose 7 kg per month, you don’t have to worry about your health. The process will go fairly smoothly, with proper organization of diet and physical activity, the weight will be stable and will not grow.

Diet "Minus 7 kg per month"


The basis of the diet is protein products: eggs, milk, lean meat, fish, seafood. Due to its duration, it requires mandatory multivitamin intake and limits the daily caloric intake to 1200 kcal. Ideal for those who exercise.


It is best to use the lacto-vegetarian option, where only meat and fish are prohibited and dairy products remain with the plant food. As a result, you can create a varied and balanced menu that will allow you to lose weight without any problems.


With a full month in stock, the sport frees your hands. Gym workouts, exercise machines, morning jogging, exercise complexes - with all this good, you can lose weight in all 10-15 kg. Your goal is more modest, so slow down and try to soften the muscles. For example, you can master:

  • breathing exercises;
  • abdominal involvement using a special technique;
  • special types of yoga;
  • racing;
  • Exercise of Japanese towels.

Unlike a five-day marathon, you don’t have to resort to all the extra methods in a row here: swallow fat-burning food supplements, soak in a soda bath, and walk in a corrective corset all day. It is enough to properly cleanse the body, starting with the intestines and ending with the circulatory system. Once the slag is released, the organs will be able to work without interruption, which will improve and consolidate the results achieved.

3 months

slimming products 7 kg for 3 months

The easiest and safest way to lose 7 kg is to lose them in 3 months.

Diet "Minus 7 kg in 3 months"

You can do without diets by simply arranging a proper diet. But in this case, you will need a little more intense exercise. If there is not enough time for this, you can choose one of the long-term diets. Most often, these are the author’s methods that offer a gradual transition to several stages.

90 days separate meals

The three months of this diet consist of 22 cycles of 4 days each. The sequence cannot be changed. The basis - a separate diet: protein day - starch - carbohydrates - vitamin. Every 7 cycles should be organized on a fasting day.

Impulse diet Ginsburgp

It takes two diets - supportive (to stabilize weight) and exercise (decreases daily calories). Indicates low fat, limits the use of sweets. Offers to prepare multi-component dishes, slowly taste each and enjoy the taste. Frequent meals (up to 8 times a day) allow unhindered endurance for 3 months until the very end.


If you exercised before losing weight, keep training at the same pace. If you had nothing in common, just increase your physical activity. What you need to do every day:

  • 1-2 stops to walk;
  • give up the elevator;
  • heat every hour for 5 minutes;
  • choose something from light physical activity: hula bow, board, rope, and more.

If you find strength and exercise more seriously, along with diets and even just eating properly, you can lose a lot more than 7 kg.


3 months is a long time for weight loss. You don’t have to walk around all the time with a tightened belt or corrective leggings, they will compress your organs and disrupt blood circulation. Too frequent wraps can cause an allergic reaction or thermal skin burns. Salon procedures take a maximum of a month. So what can you do then to get proper nutrition and exercise?

  1. Consult a nutritionist.
  2. Find a long-lasting fat burning product.
  3. Take a multivitamin course.
  4. Alternative procedures: you have done a course of 10 wraps - start taking salt baths, then sign up for a massage and more.
  5. Some of the author's body cleansing methods do not fit in 1 month, time to use them.

There are many ways to get rid of 7 kg. First of all, they will depend on the time you want to lose weight. The smaller they are, the harder and more dangerous to health. The longer, the easier and more useful. So first try to plan your time so that there is a margin left: the effect will be more stable and noticeable.