Oral diet for 30 days for weight loss

Many obese people have an enlarged stomach that shrinks quickly after digesting food, provoking an even greater appetite. I want to eat again, the stomach rises again, so after each meal the circle closes, and it becomes oh how hard to get out of it. However, even a severely enlarged stomach is not a reason to go under the knife for a surgical scalpel. A 30-day strong alcohol diet is a good way to learn to saturate less food due to stomach narrowing and lose up to ten extra pounds.

What is an oral diet

This weight loss technique is a liquid nutrition system, but it is not equivalent to a water diet, water fasting therapy, or short-term fluid excretion. The monthly drinking diet does not have to be an absolute taboo for solid food, it involves transferring all permitted products to another form - liquid, so the motto of the system is: drink everything drunk, but do not eat crumbs (more precisely, do not chew, because this system is a fully inclusive chewing reflexawarded by nature).


peculiarities of drinking a diet

A 30-day oral diet is a powerful stimulant of metabolism because such low calorie intake in the daily diet (about 500 kcal) forces the body to break down fat cells faster as an energy source and lose weight constantly. Basic principles of fluid engineering:

  • To avoid significant health damage and slow down your metabolism, rather than speeding it up, you need to enter and exit the drinking system just as smoothly.
  • At the very beginning of your weight loss diet, replace dinner with liquid, then lunch and breakfast.
  • All diet drinks should be low in fat, sugar free.
  • Daily consumption of 1. 5 liters of liquid food and 1. 5 liters of clean water.
  • The allowable amount of aqueous food should be subdivided into parts - no more than a glass of food at a time.
  • You can practice the technique only once a year.


If you strictly follow the rules of the liquid method, the result of weight loss will not be long. No nutritionist will be able to predict what it will be like for you personally, as it only depends on the individual characteristics of your body. Generally, if a drinking food system is observed, 2 to 2. 5 kg of fat is consumed per week, so you can lose 8 to 10 kg per month. However, the result obtained must be well and reliably recorded so that the lost pounds do not instantly return to your noticeably thinner, maybe even very thin figure.


contraindications to adhering to an oral diet

Low calorie intake in a daily liquid diet, which reduces stomach size and steady weight loss, is also a major drawback. A diet cannot be called balanced because not all foods can be converted to liquids, so the body may be deficient in one group of nutrients and others may be in excess. This is the basis for contraindications to the transition to fluid technique for 30 days. People can't eat only liquid:

  • pregnant and lactating;
  • having kidney problems and prone to edema;
  • suffers from serious gastrointestinal disorders;
  • suffers from thyroid, cardiovascular diseases;
  • in the presence of mental or physical exhaustion, in the presence of a severely weakened immune system.

Menu for 30 days

This method of losing weight hardly limits the list of products (for the exclusive benefit of the body, it is better to give up coffee, alcohol and carbonated beverages), but only their consistency, so you should use the following list in your daily liquid diet menu:

  • Meat and fish broths, vegetable broths.
  • Fruit compotes, berry fruit drinks, jelly.
  • Juices of all kinds.
  • Tea (black, green, hibiscus, herbal).
  • Milk, low-calorie fermented dairy products (kefir, yogurt, yeast, fermented fried milk).
  • Liquid soups (meat, vegetables, milk).

Stop drinking your diet

how to get out of a drinking diet

Through drinking alone, the digestive tract "forgets" how to digest solid food within 30 days, so a sudden transition from liquid to thick food can lead to serious gastrointestinal problems. To avoid unpleasant consequences and at the same time consolidate the result, the exit from the oral diet for 30 days should be as soft as possible and calculated for 2 months. In the first week after the diet, add one solid product at a time to one of the meals (oatmeal in water, egg or vegetable salad), then gradually extend the diet to normal.


A 30-day diet is considered the simplest, even elementary, sense of culinary skills and effort. Most approved diet foods can be simply bought in a store or prepared in minutes, and making liquid soups should also not be difficult. Because this food system does not have a clear menu, everyone can have their own recipes based on the liquid method, depending on personal gastronomic preferences.

How not to give up a drinking diet

Disorders are a common occurrence of a restricted diet because many people find it difficult to overcome the urge to chew something. To avoid interference, you must:

  • Clearly motivate yourself for success;
  • If you really want something solid, you can chew any fruit or vegetable and spit it out;
  • You might as well try chewing liquid;
  • to satisfy the feeling of hunger with water;
  • Do something interesting all the time to distract you from the thought of food.